Dundee United Methodist Church
United Methodist Women
Picture below of the UMW Christmas Party - Dec. 10, 2015
Held at the church's Fellowship Hall
The picture is from Claire Jennings.
What is United Methodist Women?
United Methodist Women is a supportive, inclusive Christian membership
organization where women like you grow spiritually, develop as leaders and
serve and work to create a world in which all women, children and youth thrive.
United Methodist Women is celebrated as the womenís ministry of
The United Methodist Church.
What does United Methodist Women do?
Our members nurture one another in community and support U.S. and international projects and partners improving the lives of women, children and youth with their prayers, volunteer and advocacy efforts, and financial gifts.
Prayer, Bible studies and spiritual retreats. Hands-on mission in local communities.
Mission education experiences. Leadership development and training opportunities. Supporting work with women, children and youth.
Partnership with women in mission in the country and around the world.
Advocacy for social justice issues, including those pertaining to the environment,
domestic violence, immigration and the many other concerns that impact the lives
of women, children and youth. Engagement in racial justice issues.
How does United Methodist Women support and grow its work?
Our members elect a representative board of directors that sets policy for the
organization and determines the places we can make the most impact.
Staff and members work to carry out the organizationís goals and expectations.
Members commit through their financial giving to support the transformation
of lives around the world.

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