Our Role
Prayer Requests
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Our Mission Statement
  The Dundee United Methodist Church is an established family of faith, seeking to reach out to a growing community by offering the love of Christ and making disciples.  This includes identifying gifts, encouraging a commitment to and a relationship with Christ and each other, to become faithful witnesses through our daily living.
Our Part in the Community
  The Dundee United Methodist Church is a caring, growing congregation serving Christ as a beacon, as an inspiration, and as a nurturing family for one of the fastest growing communities in Southeastern Michigan.

  Since 1827, the Dundee United Methodist Church has been an active and caring family of faith that compassionately reaches out to the Village of Dundee and to the surrounding areas. The congregation has been a strong voice proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been teacher of both young and old in the meanings of Christian discipleship. It has understood religion and discipleship to be more than worship; the congregation sees the meaning of religion and discipleship as doing the work to relieve the pains, supply the needs, and to ease the hardships of God's suffering children.

  The Dundee United Methodist Church has envisioned a project of growth to match the growth and the needs of the community. Nearly 30 years ago, the Dundee United Methodist Church embraced a vision of growth. That vision led the congregation to move to its present site and to build. Recently, that same vision brought about the building of a new sanctuary, offices, library, and community room. Renovation of the previously existing structure is also part of that vision to meet the increasing needs of the community and the congregation. By allocating new space specifically for worship and large community meetings, the existing facility can be almost exclusively devoted to programs that met the needs of the community.

  Our church has a Sunday School that ministers to God's children of all ages, infants to more than 80 years old. The church's choir brings inspirational music to the congregation each worship service and offers special music to the community. The church is home to a very active United Methodist Women's organization. There are also special support groups for working women and for widows.

  The community's largest daycare center is housed at the United Methodist Church. The congregation originated and continues the work of Caring and Sharing ministries that helps people in need with food, clothing, transportation, and emergency funds. The project has grown to encompass nearly all of the churches of the community through the Interfaith Council of Churches. During the Christmas season, Caring and Sharing worked through the Interfaith Council of Churches to bring community resources together to provide Christmas gifts for more than 200 children in Northwest Monroe County who otherwise would have had to do without. The church continues to be the site of the Dundee area's primary food bank and of federal commodities distribution for the aged and poor.

  This Dundee church continues to support both domestic (such as the Cass Avenue Mission , The United Methodist Retirement Homes, and the United Methodist Children's Village and others.) as well as international missions for spreading the Gospel and aiding God's children. The congregation has financially supported these and other local, state, national, and international mission programs.

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