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Pastor Brad Luck
July 7, 2019
From the Pastorís Desk 7/7/19

                                                            Inheritance of Trust

What does it truly mean to trust? The dictionary defines trust as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

According to this definition, we might put our trust into an electrician to do electrical work in our homes to provide electricity to lights, appliances, and other items we plug into an outlet. We trust that it is safe and will not cause electrical shock or cause sparks that could be dangerous. We might put our trust into our mechanic to repair and maintain the car we drive so that we will be safe on the road. We may trust someone to clean our house, cut our grass, clean out our gutters, or maybe just to get our mail and paper while we are out of town. We trust them because of their reliability, truth, ability and strength to accomplish the task given to them.

But what if we asked the neighbor girl who picks up your mail and paper, to fix your car? What about the neighborhood boy that comes and cleans out your gutters and rakes the leaves? Would you ask him to wire your home? Or would you ask your mechanic to build you a new house? Probably not. Trust is a highly valued commodity these days and yet there seems to be very little of it.

In our faith, Jesus’ command to love God and to love neighbor is one of the simplest instructions we have from the Bible. Yet, we cannot even get that right because we do not know how to love our neighbors. Why is that? Because we do not trust them.

We like to think that we can trust our neighbors, but as we see in our unjust criminal justice system; in our crisis at the US-Mexico border; in our denomination; in our local churches; in our school systems; and in our families, we have trust issues. Might I even be so bold as to say we sometimes have trust issues with God? We sometimes look to God when we need something from Him. And, yet at other times we do not trust God to be a part of our everyday life. Isn’t God the one we should put our complete trust in? After all God is the one who created all that is around us including each and every one of us? Who better to trust than the one who made us?

God has entrusted us with stewardship of the world; everything from the natural realm to our relationships with one another. In turn, we are called to trust the Word-made-flesh, Jesus Christ, the incarnate One who draws us to the “other” telling us to “love them,” to that healed and transformed.

It/s one thing for us to trust others, but let us not forget, we also will need to change ourselves in order to be trustworthy, so others can and will trust us as well. The same is true for our church, community, and our world. Trust is not one-way transaction. It requires both parties to participate for true trust to happen. If only our divided world, our divided churches, our divided communities, our divided families could learn to trust, we just might be able to follow God’s command to, trust/love the Lord your God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. And secondly trust/love your neighbors (others) as yourself.

God bless, Pastor Brad

Joys & Concerns 7/7/19
Prayers of joy and thanks that Jonathan Schott offered his talents for our special music yesterday.  Prayers of joy and praise for Diana Brown’s son and daughter-in-law who are expecting a baby boy in November.  Prayers go out to Bryon Pickens who was recently diagnosed with cancer and begins chemo this week.  Marie and her family need prayer as they recover from a house fire; Marie’s husband is in hospice due to smoke inhalation and other health issues.  Please continue prayer for Nancy Harmon.  A co-worker of Kristen Olsen had a miscarriage, a friend is having surgery Wednesday, and her other friend that we prayed for came through surgery well.  Please pray for Carol (Diana Brown’s mom) who has COPD, Bonnie (Diana Brown’s step-mom) who is moving to an apartment, and for world peace.
Calendar of Ministry Opportunities
Tuesday July 9 10 am Prayer Time
Wednesday July 10 10 am Grief Support Group
  4 pm Caring and Sharing (Dundee)
  7 pm Living Faithfully book study
Thursday July 11 4 pm Caring and Sharing (London Twp)
Friday July 12 VBS Registrations are due (to be assured a t-shirt)
Sunday July 14 10:30 am Morning Worship
Tuesday July 16 7 pm SPRC meeting
Thursday July 18 7 pm Endowment meeting

Help Support the VBS Program!  We are still taking donations to sponsor a child for VBS.  Any and all support is appreciated!  Donations can be made in the offering plate on Sunday marked “VBS”, given directly to Keri Secor, or left in the church office.  Thank you for helping spread the word of God’s Greatest Gift to the young people of this church and community!  We can still use crew leaders, too, if you’d like to volunteer!  We’re also looking for food donations for Tuesday evening’s cookout(we had about 200 attend last year) Thanks for helping out with your prayers, gifts, and service!

The church office will be closed July 21 – 27.  Messages may be left on the church answering machine at 734-529-3535 or in the tray on Jill’s desk.  Pastor Brad will maintain his normal office hours Tuesday from 9 am to 12 noon, Thursday from 3 pm to 5 pm, and by appointment.

Greeters & Welcome Center hosts needed -- We continue to ask for volunteers to be greeters at both entrances and for welcome center persons to help visitors and members with questions. Sign-up sheets are in the Fellowship Hall on the Opportunities Table. Please consider volunteering for a Sunday.

Please invite all your friends and family!  This is FREE to attend, and you do not have to attend DUMC to participate. All children are welcome. We just ask that you register by July 12th to ensure your child gets a VBS T-shirt.

Please contact Keri Secor at with questions.  Sign your child up online: (there are also registration forms on the welcome center at the church)

Please join us for COOKOUT, GAMES, and PETTING ZOO for the entire family (parents, grandparents, older siblings, cousins, and friends) on TUESDAY JULY 23rd at 6 PM.  Following the cookout and PETTING ZOO we will have a celebration at the church where the kids will perform the songs they learned.  All offerings of this year’s VBS program will benefit Heartbeat of Monroe.

Dundee UMC Endowment Fund -- As you make long-range financial decisions for yourself and your family, please remember the Dundee United Methodist Church Endowment Fund. A gift to this fund, no matter the size, offers an opportunity to continue your giving for generations and insures the church and its ministries are sustained for the years to come. Ten Percent of the dividends are reinvested back into the fund as principle and the remaining 90% is used for church maintenance projects, programs and missions.  For more information please contact the church office.
Birthdays this week:
  Monday July 8 Jenna Bradley, Mike Clemmer, Adam Mills
  Tuesday July 9 Christopher Clark, Keri Secor
  Wed  July 10 Traci Longenbarger
  Thursday July 11 Brett Juckette
  Friday July 12 Janet Bunch
  Saturday July 13 Jessica Elmes, Melissa Williams
Anniversaries this week:
  Sunday July 7 Jim & Diane Goodridge
  Thursday July 11 Craig & Emily Ringbloom
  Have a blessed week!  

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