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Pastor Andy Baek
August 13, 2017
- The week has finally arrived for our Summer Festival this Saturday starting at noon. Food will be served in the fellowship hall. Tents, tables and chairs are set up in the lawn area outside the building where they would sit down to eat and enjoy music and presentations of live songs by the praise team, VBS children and other groups.

- This festival is, first of all, for our church families to appreciate and say “Thank you” for who you are and for all you have done for the Lord through this church, as we celebrate our 185th Anniversary.  So please come join the crowd yourself and invite your friends and neighbors too, to have fun time together.

- Change of Worship Time -- In addition to the excitement of the Summer Festival on August 19, please remember that our worship time will go back to 10:30 am the day after the festival, on Sunday August 20.

- For weeks we have been bombarded with the news on the nuclear missile development (ICBM) by North Korea and the escalating tensions between the United States and N. Korea. Please pray for peace and reconciliation for people in the Korean peninsula. If a war breaks out there, there would be a great number of casualties on both sides, not to mention 28,500 American soldiers stationed there and several thousand more of US civilians.
Prayer Concerns
Donna Adams’ oldest daughter is struggling with stress; Donna’s granddaughter is adopting three children currently in foster care; Donna’s son-in-law’s cancer is gone after two surgeries and prayers are needed to ease his pain and for his entire family.  Continued prayers are needed for Kathy Leslie’s cousin Jay in Virginia who is extremely ill.  Prayers also for Kathy’s boss in Indiana whose mother has cancer, his father had a stroke and his wife has breast cancer; travel mercies to him as he travels back to Ann Arbor.  Marianne Avery (Dawn Wyse’s sister) was thankful to our awesome God who allowed her 20-year-old grandson to survive a shooting.  Betty Labert asked for continuing prayers for her husband Elwyn Labert.  Judy Williams’ friend Vickie had surgery to remove a partial lobe of her lung due to cancer.
Calendar of Ministry Opportunities
Tuesday August 15 – 10 am Prayer Fellowship
Wednesday August 16 – 6:30 pm Youth Group meeting
Saturday August 19 – 12 noon until 3 pm Summer Festival (see below)
Sunday August 2010:30 am Morning Worship
           (please note the time change back to 10:30 am)

Tuesday August 22 – 10 am Prayer Fellowship
               7 pm Worship Committee

  Baby Bottle Drive Heartbeat of Monroe is a local non-profit center that provides the following FREE to our clients:  parenting classes, infant care instruction, lay-counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and resources for locating low-income housing, diapers and clothing for children, baby formula and food, as well as car seats and other baby equipment.  All of this is provided freely through volunteers and the generosity of our local congregations.  Please take home an empty baby bottle (located in the narthex at church) to fill with check, cash, or coins.  Your donations will help Heartbeat serve needy families in our community.  Empty baby bottles are available for you to take home; please return your filled baby bottle to church no later than September 10.  Thank you!  [Heartbeat receives no state or federal funding]
Birthdays 8/13 - 8/19
Sunday August 13 Lila Breitner    
Monday August 14 Judy Westrick  
Tuesday August 15 Donna Adams  
  August 15 Kathy Leslie  
  August 15 Sandra Sheldon  
Wednesday August 16 Susan Newman  
  August 16 Clay Scharboneau  
  August 16 Jacob White  
Thursday August 17 Pastor Andy Baek  
Saturday August 19 Jacob Sargent  
August 19 Thomas Sargent

Anniversaries 8/13 - 8/29
Tuesday August 15 Jay & Tammy Hemdal  
Friday August 18 Charles & Michelle Steffen  
  Have a blessed week!  

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