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Pastor Brad Luck
September 16, 2018
From the Pastor’s Desk 9/16/18

Psalm 19 -- God’s Glory in Creation

The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words; their voice is not heard; yet their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.

In the heavens he has set a tent for the sun, which comes out like a bridegroom from his wedding canopy, and like a strong man runs its course with joy. Its rising is from the end of the heavens, and its circuit to the end of them; and nothing is hidden from its heat.

This last week I began to reflect on what it would be like if the sun did not come up. My first thought was that it would be dark all the time. In the darkness it would be hard to see the things around us. Not only that, but we would not be able to see the colors of the sky, flowers, trees, grass, water and animals. I don’t know about you, but I like seeing the colors of God’s creation. The sun not only brings light to see all these things, but it also feeds the plants and trees, so they will grow.

The second thought was it would get pretty cold without the sun. The sun provides heat to warm our bodies. Without the sun, our planet’s temperature would drop to well below zero and everything would freeze and die.

What would it be like if the Son (Jesus Christ), did not rise? We would be living in darkness, lost without hope. The good thing is that Jesus did rise and overcame death and sin for us, giving us hope beyond death of eternal life. Jesus is the light of the world, shining brightly so that we can find our way and be strangely warmed as John Wesley called it.

  For this we are thankful. For this we can experience joy each day as God reveals creation to us. And for this, we praise and worship God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. And in so doing we can end each day as David ended Psalm 19; “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”


Prayer Concerns 9/16/18
Barb Snell asked for prayer for her daughter last week who was hospitalized—her daughter’s name is Karen, not Erin as printed—please continue prayer for Karen for healing –my apologies--JB. Please pray for Shirley Massingill as she has outpatient surgery Monday.  Kristen Olsen asked for prayer for a friend of hers & Sandy’s named Emilee and her mom Terri as Emilee is hospitalized for seizures (Emilee is a senior in high school).  Gayl Spoering asked for prayer for Lonnie who is suffering from a pinched nerve.  Betsy Rothrock offered joys & asked for prayers for Ben Rothrock as he continues his college career studying film in Troy; he’s going to the same school that Rich teaches at and moved into an apartment up there Saturday.  Diana Brown asked for prayer for the Babicon family as Edna passed away Saturday.  Bob Tessmer asked for prayer for his niece Katelyn whose childhood arthritis is getting worse.  Continue prayer for the family of Lee Bird after the celebration of his life that was held Saturday.  Joan Wittkop asked for prayer for Kayli, the granddaughter of a friend; Kayli is 4 years old and recovering from an 11-foot fall.
Calendar of Ministry Opportunities
Monday September 17 – 6:45 pm Chime Choir
Tuesday September 18 – 10 am Prayer Fellowship
Wednesday September 19 – 10 am Grief Support Group meets
        7 pm Choir practice
Sunday September 23 – 9 am Sunday School
        10:30 am Morning Worship
        4 pm Jr MYF meets at church for pizza and devotional then off to Farmer J’s Corn Maze
Tuesday September 25 – 7 pm SPPRC meeting

Pig Roast – 12 noon to 4 pm this Saturday the Senior Center will be having their annual pig roast fundraiser.  Come on over for some great food and a good time on Saturday!

Lay Servant Ministry Classes – There will be two classes this fall on October 20 and November 3.  Classes are for both new and current lay servants.  See Bob Tessmer for more information.

SAVE THE DATE – This year’s Swiss Steak Dinner will be October 20!  This is the UMW’s largest fundraiser of the year, with proceeds going to missions of all kinds.  Sign-up sheets will be posted on Sunday. 

Help needed – We need volunteers to help staff the children’s time during worship…we need two people helping out each week.  Kristen Olsen takes most weeks, but a sign-up sheet is posted for volunteers to give her a hand.  If we don’t have two helpers, we can’t offer the children’s time so your help is important.

MYF support needed – We’re looking for volunteers to take a month leading the high school youth group and another group of recent graduates in Christian service, leadership, devotional, and fellowship activities.  Please contact Joan Wittkop to volunteer your time with a great group of young people.

Grief Support Group – We will be hosting a Grief Support Group led by Claudia from Great Lakes Hospice.  It will be here at the church on Wednesdays at 10 am.  Please come join us if you are grieving and would like to participate in this supportive, caring group.

Heartbeat of Monroe’s Baby Bottle Drive – Please help us once again raise funds to help young parents in need in the Monroe area.  Last year through this campaign we raised $799.46, helping provide services to over 1,800 adults and children, including 30,545 diapers and 792 containers of formula. Heartbeat also provides parenting classes, infant care instructions, counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, resources for low-income housing, car seats and other baby equipment.  All this is freely provided through volunteers and the generosity of local congregations.  Please visit or call 734-243-6550 for more information about what we do.  Please take home an empty bottle (they are on the bench in the narthex) and return it (filled with check, cash, or coins) to the church no later than Sunday September 30.  Thank you for your support!

2019 Budget Requests – All committees and groups who want to be included in the 2019 budget must have their requests in by September 28.  Requests can be emailed to Shirley Massingill or left in the Finance Chair’s box in the church office.

Adult Sunday School – There will be a second adult Sunday School class beginning this fall.  It will be led by Pastor Brad and will discuss a book he found while in Ireland titled Idles of the Heart.  The class will begin at 9 am with the books costing about $13.  A sign-up sheet will be in the fellowship hall so we know how many books to order.  See you there!
  Birthdays this week:  
            Monday Sept 17 – Caroline Moore
            Thursday Sept 20 – Lonnie Spoering
            Saturday Sept 22 – Michelle Caudell, Ashley Mills
  Anniversaries this week:  
           Tuesday Sept 18 – Butch & Janice Adams
            Friday Sept 21 – Ron & Lila Breitner
  Have a blessed week!  

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