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Dundee UMC e-News 3/30/20

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Dundee UMC e-News!

You know I truly enjoy the kids I teach during the school year.  This year in particular, I’ve had a great group that I really love working with.  Two of my girls work together to leave me “sticky notes” on my white board in the classroom.  Since we’ve been closed, they’ve found a way to leave me virtual sticky notes.  One of the girls was really struggling and she wrote me this poem while the other illustrated it.  I want to share it with you. (the date is wrong, she meant 3-24-20)

Joys & Concerns
Prayers:  Please pray for Lonnie Spoering and his family as Lonnie continues to struggle and his family isn’t able to visit him.  Please also pray the Tim Churchill family; Tim died suddenly Saturday night—he is Jeff Churchill’s youngest brother and, again with the virus, the families aren’t able to come together at this time when they so desperately need each other.  Please pray for all those who are sick, lonely, and feeling isolated.  Prayer for all of us that we may find ways to connect with others and help them while maintaining the precautions aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Joys:  Those that are offering help to the Caring and Sharing program as well as those that are reaching out to each other and staying in touch.

If you have joys or concerns you’d like to put on our prayer list, please call them into the church, email them to the office, or send them to Jill at the contact information below.

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DUMC Contact Information

Pastor Brad Luck
Phone:  734-625-6693

Church website:
Email: or
Phone:  734-529-3535  (messages will be retrieved at 11 am and 6 pm daily)
Facebook:  Dundee UMC
YouTube channel: Dundee UMC

Prayer Requests:  Jill Bradley
Phone:  734-755-1046
Birthdays this week:
  Sunday March 29 Lisa Crist
  Monday March 30 Jordan Bradley
  Tuesday March 31 Herm Kruse
  Saturday April 4 Chris Bellaire
Anniversaries this week:
  Friday April 3 Jim & Jill Bradley
  Saturday April 4 Bryan & Kathy Leslie
  Have a blessed week! Reach out to your friends and neighbors and bless them as well!  

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