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Pastor Andy Baek
June 18, 2017

- I am writing this weekly page while on board the flight to South Korea from the Detroit Airport on Sunday. The pilot announced that it would take about 14 hours to get to Incheon International Airport near the capitol city Seoul and it’s been barely an hour since taken off to the air.

- It has been my annual pilgrimage to Korea to visit my beloved mother since her age was approaching mid 80s and she is now 92. Thankfully she is still healthy except her arthritis and difficulty of hearing. Praise God!

- The worst part of the travel is being caged in a 1.8ft x 3ft seat in a jam-packed airplane for 14 hours. I feel so miserable and then, when the airplane finally touches down the land, I sing Hallelujah!

- We sent off our Youth Mission Team with a prayer hand-in-hand along with their families earlier on Sunday. They will be serving Puerto Rican Community in Chicago at a food shelf, clothing distribution center, soup kitchen, children's program, or elderly care facilities for a week.

- The names of the students on the trip are Matthew Wittkop, Alex Lenz, David Hoover, Katie Hoover, Jenna Bradley, Calen Lewis, Zachary Bellaire, MaKenzie MacAlvoy, McKenna Merkel, Abbey Goodridge, Patrick Davis. The leaders are Cassidy Schroeder, Amy Hempel & Gabe Trejo.

- Please remember them in your prayers this week. And also me and Sarah for our safe travel as we will surely remember all of you in our prayers till we come back to Dundee on July 10th.
Prayer Concerns
Tommy Sargent asked for prayer for his dad Greg Sargent as Greg is working a lot of hours, often late into the night.  Keri Secor asked for prayer for Rich Haller on the death of his 15-year-old nephew Lucas Irish.  Sandy Wenburg asked for travel mercies for this year’s MaPa Camp as the theme is “fishing” and she’s having the parents help with that.  Donna Adams asked for prayers of thanks that her granddaughter Kristina and great-grandson were able to spend some time visit and travel mercies for their return home as well as prayers of healing for problems Kristina’s having with her neck.  Donna’s daughter Terri’s friend Sondra is in the ICU and needs prayer.  Cindy Tessmer’s aunt remains critically ill and continues to need prayer.  Mary Rehberg asked for prayer for Jace, the grandson of a friend, who was in a car accident and has a long recovery ahead.  Dave Wittkop asked for travel mercies for the Praise Team as they travel to Houghton Lake to sing at the church there that Wittkops worship in while there.  Barb Longenbarger asked for continued prayer for her brother-in-law Don Merrillat who is dealing with heart issues and continued dialysis; she also asked for prayers of praise because Jim’s brother’s liver transplant went well and Jim is on a new treatment and is doing well with it.  Lisa Crist thanked everyone for their prayers and asked for continued prayer for her mom and her extended family as her cousin passed away just two weeks after her mom’s surgery.  Please also keep our youth group in prayer as they stay in Chicago doing mission work in a Puerto Rican neighborhood there.
Calendar of Ministry Opportunities
Tuesday June 20 – 10 am Prayer Fellowship
Friday June 23 – The youth return from their 2017 Mission Trip
Sunday June 25 – 9:30 am (don’t forget time change for summer worship)
            Pastor Andy’s on vacation; Tom Obermyer will be leading the service

Vacation Bible School – July 16 through 20 If you’d like to sponsor a child for VBS, donations can be left in the offering plate in the VBS envelopes or given directly to Keri Secor. 

Share your talent this summer!  There are openings this summer for special music. If you or someone you know can share their gift with us this summer, please let Betsy Rothrock know or sign-up on the opportunities board.

Help Needed Watering Church’s Flowers!  If you’re able to help with the watering this summer, please sign up on the poster board on the opportunities board.

  June mission offering  We will be supporting Pierre Diamba Manya, MD of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Donations may be left with the mission cross or in the offering labeled “June mission”.
Birthdays 6/18 - 6/24
Sunday June 18 Rene Crombez
  June 18 Joe Groff  
  June 18 Jared Shipe  
Monday June 19 Marjorie Busz
Wednesday June 21 Morgan White
Friday June 23 Ronald Breitner
  June 23 Katrina Cheema
Anniversaries 6/18 - 6/24
Monday June 19 Diana Brown &Jon Smith  
Saturday June 24 Pat & Jene' Funk
  June 24 Bob & Holly Miller
  Have a blessed week!  

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