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Pastor Andy Baek
September 17, 2017
- For many months we have been watching on the news with anxious heart the escalating tensions and conflict caused by North Korea’s nuclear missile development. Their threat to the United States and its allies in the region, South Korea and Japan, has become so real these days.

- It is indeed a scary situation where all efforts for diplomatic solutions seem to run out and they are now talking about options of military strike against the North. The capitol Seoul is only 25 miles away, and my mother and my brother’s family live only 7 miles away, from the border to the North. Please join me in prayers for peace and safety of my families and all people in the Korean peninsula. Thank you!

- Yesterday we had Hurricane Relief Special Offering Sunday and have received $814.17 for the special offering. Thank you for your big heart of generosity. If you missed the opportunity, you can bring or send your special offering anytime. Please use the special offering envelope or mark “Hurricane Relief” on your gift.

- Our Annual Church Conference is scheduled on Sunday November 5th with potluck lunch after church service. And all requests for 2018 Budget from the ministry teams, committees and boards are due on Friday Sep. 29.
Prayer Concerns
Kristen Olsen asked for prayer for the family of her friend Regina’s mother-in-law, who passed away.  Sandy Sheldon had shoulder surgery.  Donna Adams asked for prayers of thanks that her son-in-law Charles Steffan’s cancer is gone and travel mercies for her and Roger as they travel south to see family, including their 12th great-grandchild.  Prayers of strength and healing for Cindy Weyher’s mother who is having surgery this week, Cindy will be having surgery next week, and prayers of thanks that Cindy’s niece who has brain cancer is doing well.  David McKinstry ask for prayers of praise to our God who is generous and good—David & Faye’s granddaughter was in a serious car accident and came through it with just bumps and bruises, praise God.  Diana Brown’s mother and sister both came through Hurricane Irma safely.  Kathy Leslie asked for prayer for her boss’s wife Deb who has had surgeries for cancer and it’s now in her lymph nodes and for Kathy’s cousin who was given 7-10 days to live a month ago and is still with us.  Kathy also encouraged everyone to try to see a recording of Beth Moore’s presentation from Saturday because it was so positive and uplifting.  Jerry Bellen had two joys this morning and they were both sitting with him (his sisters Joan Roe and Jane Wertenberger).  Rich Bird asked for blessings for he and Chris’ son who was getting married Sunday afternoon.  Janette Secor asked for prayer for her niece Judy Solik who isn’t doing well.  Please pray too for all those in the Korean peninsula, including Pastor Andy’s mother and other family members, with the increasing tensions there.
Calendar of Ministry Opportunities
Tuesday September 19 – 10 am Prayer Fellowship
            7 pm Choir practice
            8:15 pm Worship Committee meeting
Thursday September 21 – 7 pm SPRC meeting
Sunday September 24 -- 9 am Sunday School (PreK-7th, Adult classes)
            9:50 am to 10:20 am Sunday School (grades 8-12)
            10:30 am Morning Worship (Blood Pressure Screenings today)
            6 pm Confirmation Class parent meeting
            6:30 pm Youth Group meeting

Save the Date:
            Friday 9/29 – Budget Requests due for 2018
            Saturday 10/14 – 5:30 pm Fun & Fellowship
            Saturday 10/21 – Swiss Steak Dinner
            Sunday 11/5 – Potluck and Church Conference
Birthdays 9/17 - 9/23
Sunday September 17 Caroline Moore
Wednesday September 20 Lonnie Spoering
Thursday September 21 John Juckette
Friday September 22 Michelle Caudell
  September 22 Payton Hamilton-Fleming
  September 22 Ashley Mills
Anniversaries 9/17 - 9/23
Monday September 18 Butch & Janice Adams
Thursday September 21 Ron & Lila Breitner
  Have a blessed week!  

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